Joseph Levy Foundation

Making a difference to the lives of people experiencing disadvantage
Joseph Levy in Piccadilly Circus with a red flower in his button hole

The Joseph Levy Foundation is an independent charitable grantmaking trust

The influence of our founder, Joe Levy, the charismatic and sentimental character at the heart of the foundation's existence, remains central to our work.

Able to fund any charitable activity, we have always had a particular interest in supporting children and young people. We aim to make a difference in the lives of people experiencing disadvantage.

Our current focus

Current focus

Man giving money to homeless man on footbridge at St. Paul's cathedral

Youth Disadvantage

We look for ways to support young people disadvantaged by ill-health, poverty or disability, so they can achieve their full potential.

Smiling toddler crawling on grass, being supported by an adult

Cystic Fibrosis

We support a small number of charities providing financial assistance to people affected by CF, specifically for education, welfare and respite breaks.

Boy with and adult on a sandy beach


We have funded a range of projects providing support for children and young people on the autism spectrum and their families, including behavioural research and community-based family resources.